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Being the CEO of a franchise system is tough -  to say the least. Getting the headquarters staff, the franchisees, the franchise staff and all the customers on the same page is incredibly hard to do. With so many things to focus on it is hard to ensure we get all the right things done and not waste time on the wrong things. Knowing we needed to tighten up, we reached out to Megan and brought her on to lead us through the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We have all read the book Traction and tried to self-implement once before -without much luck. 

We started working with Megan, built the foundational tools and our team, from the top to the bottom, just started to click. After one quarter of working with Megan, we tripled our revenue and surpassed all our quarterly goals. The best part is we have open and honest communication. Four of the five members on my leadership team are family. Open and honest communication that leads to the betterment of the company was something we desperately needed. 

All I can say is thank you, Megan. Thanks to you and your amazing ability to help us truly implement the EOS tools, we are running like a well-oiled machine. I hate to think of how long it would have taken us to reach the level of success we have achieved had we not started working with you. Thank you for everything.

Josh Cherry / Visionary


“Megan Alarid has truly been a joy to work with! Her understanding of the Entrepreneurial Operating System and ability to guide us through the implementation was so impressive. We asked Megan to adjust some of her approach to match the particular needs of our organization and she met the challenge and exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to use her at any company I was associated with and we recommend her on an almost daily basis.”

JJ Hollie / Intregrator

Megan has been a godsend, she is sweet, funny, compassionate but tough and will hold everyone accountable and will not back down. She is a great facilitator and every time we have a session with her, the entire team comes away with clarity, direction and focus.
She has taught me a lot and has definitely given me an edge that helps as I continue to push the boundaries of my goals and desires. She is a top performer's secret weapon!

Dr. Chike Mordi / Visionary

I wish I had met Megan before starting my business. I would have been a lot more organized and I would have had an easier time filing the proper paperwork. Each time we meet I have an “ah ha” moment and I feel all the tension leave my body and mind. She has been a huge asset to our organization and her constant support has been unwavering.

Kati Speer / Visionary